A little bit 90’s

Ok, so I was born in 1994 (90’s baby!!), but in my 6 years during that decade, I have to be honest & say I didn’t wear any of the trends I’m showing here (but then again what 6 year old did ?)

The 90’s style revival has been around for the past year or two, and in that year I have purchased about 5 brown lipsticks (and accompanying lip liners) 3 chokers and a handful of definable ’90’s fashion’ grunge glam outfits (ex: the layered slip over white t-shirt featured above)


Dress: Forever 21 // Choker: Brandy Melville// Shoes: Converse// Rings: Pandora & American Eagle Outfitters// Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs


 PHOTOGRAPHY: Mark Gomez // Special thanks to Emma Cameron

Leave a comment below if you’ve tried or are willing to try any of these signature 90’s trends.


– Jordan



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